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With the birth of the first baby to be born on 22/12/10 through a new technology called vitirfication, (used in IVF treatment for freezing embryo), a new milestone in IVF treatment has been reached in Maharashtra region ( excluding Mumbai AND Pune )

The existing “slow freezing “ procedure practiced for the last 25 years has had limited success rate because of long duration of the procedure, expensive equipments involved and damage of cells while freezing.

The new technique of vitrification involves exposing embryos to certain special solutions at different temperatures for very brief periods of time and then storing in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees C., thus , storing embryos in glass like state which prevents the damaging ice formation within cells, overcoming the problem of slow freezing . They are transferred to mothers uterus only after introducing them to different culture media and confirming their survival. This procedure does not require any expensive equipment. However, it requires speed and skilled personnel to perform the vitrification successfully.

Dr. Padma Rekha Jirge was trained in this procedure by Dr. Igolf Neilson, a world renowned embryologist specializing in this procedure. This fairly new technique was introduced by Dr. Neilson to leading Indian scientists in this field, only 18 months back. Six months later Dr. Jirge and her team of well trained embryologists applied this technology to preserve the embryos of one of their patients undergoing IVF. The embryos could not be transferred to the patient because of an untreatable problem of the uterus. Hence the team decided to vitrify the embryos which were of excellent quality, successfully. Incidentally as desired by the patient , they were transferred into a surrogate mother’s womb eight and half months ago. She is a family member of the patient and belongs to her generation (this is legally required as per Indian council for medical research guidelines for assisted reproductive techniques ) She delivered a healthy baby yesterday.

Only 3 % of IVF clinics in India have this facility ,"Sushrut", Kolhapur being one of them.

Kolhapur, 15.1.2010

Dr. Padma Rekha Jirge’s medical research on infertility published in world renowned journal –“FERTILITY STERILITY” of USA.

“ Fertility Sterility” is one of the world renowned infertility journal published from the USA. Dr. Padma Rekha Jirge’s medical research work has been published in the January 2010 issue of this journal.

Infertility is one of the commonest and distressing problems experienced by young population world wide. For past four decades only one of the medications available for its treatment had been affordable to all (Clomephine Citrate). However it is associated with some side effects and cannot be used over a very long period of time. Other alternative treatments used so far have been injections which increase the cost of treatment enormously. Four to five years ago Prof. Robert Casper (Canada) and his team used another drug (Letrozole) successfully for the treatment of infertile women. Letrozole does not have the side effects associated with clomephine and has better success rate than clomephine citrate. It is economical and helps many women who do not respond to clomephine at all to achieve pregnancy. Even though it is effective various questions as to how it works have remained unanswered so far.

Inspired by this work Dr. Padma Rekha Jirge has studied this drug in detail over the past five years. Her research work performed entirely in Kolhapur with the guidance of internationally renowned scientist Prof. Richard Fleming (Glasgow, U.K) is now published in the international journal of Fertility sterility. This journal is the most widely read amongst the fertility specialists all over the world. This study has analyzed the effect of Letrozole on seven different hormones concerned with fertility. It also shows how this drug is beneficial in treating many infertile women.

Dr Padma Rekha Jirge is a well-known IVF specialist practicing in Kolhapur for the past ten years. She was in U.K for eight years and did her three years training in IVF from Glasgow University. She has a firm involvement in clinical research at the international level. She is invited as a faculty in many national and international conferences. Recently she was invited to speak on this subject in Italy and Singapore.

Dr. Jirge is grateful to her patients who have willingly undergone many blood tests for this research project.